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Criminal Defense Law

“Our No. 1 priority is to protect our clients and keep them confident and safe while our team defends you and delivers results.” Managing Partner Daniel Wakim

There is no doubt that both law firms and solicitors have a mixed reputation. The general public perceives that law firms are perfectly-oiled moneymaking machines, and when it comes to traditional firms, they are often right.

Their business model has not changed in decades, if not centuries, and there is little to no interest in doing so. Clients are constantly overcharged for even the simplest task of the legal practitioner. From reading and replying to emails, to per kilometre transportation costs and making photocopies, all of these mandatory actions, are billed in detail, in their much-dreaded billable hour system. Most of these daily actions, are performed by lower-income secretaries, paralegals, or assistants, and are invoiced as performed by the most knowledgeable lawyer inside the firm, which perpetuates client abuse, inefficiencies, and client confidence in the result.

Law Partners Australia is putting an end to it. The world is changing and we are committed to changing the face of the law, as well as client perception by breaking out of the vicious circle of cost manipulation and lack of honesty. Our main objective is to provide honest, transparent billing, which means no more surprises, overbilling, or unauthorised costs. Our clients deserve this.



By preparing the case accordingly, the criminal defence team will foresee the possible outcomes of litigation and would try to avoid it, in the event that entering into such a procedure will put the client at risk. In addition, legal experts are also ready to settle or negotiate with opposing counsel or government authorities involved in the case, to find the best alternative to the criminal offense or investigation taking place against their client.

Criminal Law

If you have been charged with a criminal offence, time is of the essence and you may require legal representation fast. Our highly experienced Criminal Lawyers are available around the clock and are ready to work for you with the intention of achieving the best outcome. When facing Criminal Law proceedings, this can be a difficult time for all involved and something you generally do not plan for – so when it happens to you, or a loved one, you want an expert in Criminal Law by your side.

Driving & Traffic

We appreciate the significance of your license and how important it is for everyday life – not only for convenience but as an essential asset to family life, travel, employment, study, and much more. Our expert Criminal and Traffic Lawyers are always available to provide you with the right advice to suit your situation.

Personal Injury

Have you sustained an injury as a result of someone else’s actions? You may be entitled to make a personal injury claim. Our expert Personal Injury Team is here to help. We focus on providing you with a strategy to resolve your personal injury claim without incurring significant legal costs. So, in some instances, our fees are only payable if you receive financial payment for damages.

Corporate & Commercial

Whether you are developing a business or are actively running a business, there are a number of legal obligations you must fulfill in any transaction or venture you undertake. The law is ever-changing so you need a Corporate and Commercial Lawyer to keep you informed and provide advice that encompasses the most up-to-date information.

Construction & Property

Investing in property is expensive and involves a range of different agreements and documents. As such, it is important to ensure you are familiar with the legal requirements and have defined responsibilities for all the parties involved including contractors, builders, lending institutions, and others. Our expert Property and Construction Lawyers can provide you with the advice you need regarding various aspects of your construction project and talk you through the relevant requirements.

Dispute Resolution Litigation

When there is no other way and litigation seems the only option, you need representation and advice from a firm of Solicitors that has a reputation of protecting clients’ interests and getting results. Our Dispute Resolution and Litigation Lawyers are focused on achieving outcomes with strategy and innovation. Law Partners Australia will firstly explore alternative dispute resolution methods with the parties to avoid unnecessary costs and delays or when litigation is unavoidable, our highly experienced Litigation Lawyers will be ready to fight for you.

Civil & General Litigation

We are aggressive, we are relentless. We have recently successfully appealed a matter to The High Court of Australia to obtain what we believed was the correct result despite unfavourable decisions from the lower courts including The NSW Court of Appeal. No matter is too big or difficult for our team of Lawyers. All disputes are different and we will work with you to find a strategy that delivers the intended result. You will be provided with clear and practical advice every step of the way.

“Our specialty is Criminal Defense Law, it is all we do. Our No 1 priority is to protect our clients, keep them confident and safe while our team and I do our job and deliver the result. That’s Our Promise!”

Managing Partner Daniel Wakim